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We Can Fix Any Computer.

Full service certified computer repair solutions in:
          West Palm Beach
          Fort Lauderdale
          Surrounding areas
Compare us to companies like Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot:
          We charge a fraction of what they do
          We are qualified and certified to fix your computer
          Our customer service is provided by certified technicians
          All services are performed locally in our service center
          We do not have to send anything out
You Will Save:
          Days – We average 24-48 hours in getting your computer returned
          Money – We are very affordable and extremely competitive
          Hassle – You won’t get up-sold on products you don’t need

Tech Resource Corner

Check Your Computer System- 64Bit 32Bit This program will gather all the information about your system and put it in a text file. Please download and save the appropriate package to your desktop. Unzip and run the program. After installing and running the program click the about tab and then in the tools section click the save report (.TXT) save it to your desktop. Then attach that to an email that you send to us. This will give us a head start on fixing your computer as it will tell us what we are working with without having to ask you a bunch of questions you may not know the answers to.

MBR (Master Boot Record Scan)– When you are infected with a rootkit some of the worse kind can hide in the MBR of your windows installation. You can scan with 50 malware removers and still never know you are infected. Rootkits are one of the worse infections and need to be removed by a professional as there si usually always collateral damage to your system files. (Download and install, then run, and if you are infected call us immediately). If you suspect you may be infected and this doesn’t find anything wrong with your MBR it doesn’t mean you are in the clear. You should still call us to have your computer cleaned.

Suspicious File ScanClicking this link will take you to a free online file scanner service that will allow you to take a file that you are suspicious of and scan it across multiple Linux versions of antivirus programs. This can help when understanding that no scanner is 100% and Techanism uses a cocktail of malware scanners to clean your machine. Just beware that the files become publicly distributed to anti-virus companies.

Website Scanner– Clicking this link will take you to a site where you can scan any website on the internet. You will be able to see if the site is infected with Malware, malicious javascript, iframes, Drive By Downloads, detect anomolies, IE-only attacks, suspicious redirections and spam.

Service Center Location in West Palm Beach

Our service center location is in West Palm Beach where you can visit us and drop off your computer. We recommend using our services center when you are experiencing issues related to but not limited to virus or malware, blue screen issues, no power issues, no boot, broken laptop screen, or overall poor performance issues. These types of computer problems can take more time than others to repair and we are able to give our clients a flat rate for repair during an in store visit.

Onsite Computer Services by Techanism

We provide onsite computer services to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami and surrounding areas. We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our certified techs to come to your home or office when you are located outside of the West Palm Beach area. We are able to provide full range of services including but not limited to computer setup, virus removal, troubleshooting operating system errors, power issues, networking and internet connectivity issues, upgrades, printer connectivity, quick books networking setup, and outlook setup.

Remote Computer Support by Techanism

It doesn’t really matter where you are located we can remote into your computer. Our certified technicians are able to provide support and troubleshoot your computer problems as long as you have a decent internet connection. All connections are secure and private, and we won’t be able to access your computer without your permission and manually allowing us to connect.

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Repair Services

Laptop Repair, Data Recovery, Virus Removal

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